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The hardest person to lead is yourself...

Maximize your potential. Get Personalized coaching with an experienced executive. Together, we will overcome obstacles to achieve your business and personal goals.


The practice of being the best version of yourself

As leaders, we set the focus and tempo for the whole organization. Intentionally investing in your systems, skills, and self not only helps you perform—but it increases the capacity of your entire team.



Develop a rhythm of intentional action...

When your actions demonstrate the ability to regularly align, act, and assess—it sets a rhythm of achievement that your team will begin to emulate and master.

You can end the chaos and drama


Align behind one story


Accelerate through one plan


I have been continuously improving this coaching system for the last 15 years while working with fast-paced tech start-ups, Fortune 50 corporations, and everything in between. This next season of my life is dedicated to giving this system to people who I believe in and want to see win.

Here is a simplified model for understanding the quarterly coaching rhythm:

This rhythm may seem simple, but when run consistently over several quarters it unlocks you and your team’s ability to focus and act.
This rhythm may seem simple, but when run consistently over several quarters it unlocks you and your team’s ability to focus and act.

I will help you build productive rhythms to:

  • Align your corporate narrative, strategy, and plan
  • Act on your plan, overcome obstacles, and communicate clearly
  • Assess your results in order to learn and update both your strategy and plan

Let me introduce myself...


I'm Mike Anderson. I've spent over 15 years starting and scaling lines of business. In the process, I've become very skilled at quickly aligning and empowering teams to reach measurable goals.

I've played many roles at growing companies: Founder, CEO, CMO, Director of Sales/Marketing/Growth/Analytics...

But, my favorite role is coach. It fills me with energy to see my team grow, act, and win...

I work with my clients directly to help you define goals, create action plans to achieve them, and work through the obstacles together.

When I'm your coach, we play to win.

Let’s Talk

I’m in the first season of Action Org and taking on new clients on a limited basis. If you’re serious about taking your game to the next level, I’d love to get on a call to discuss your goals and how I can help:

My Vision

I want to win together.

My vision is to use 1:1 coaching as a tool to bring together a network of good ambitious humans. I will use my time and resources to lay the ground work to provide the distribution and infrastructure to help them start and scale products, services, and projects. I imagine that this will most likely end up becoming a DAO in the near future.


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